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Pandit Mohna Lal Sharma

Pt. Mohan Lal Sharma Chapter Chairman. JAIPUR CHAPTER-2 ICAS Jyotish Praveen Jyotish Visharad Gold Medalist Jyotish Kovid Jyotish Vachaspati Jyotish Kalamani Born in the holy city of Jaipur (Pink city ) Astrologer. Vastu Consultant Contact 7976192594 For free advise


Relationship hazards in their personal lives. They can receive benefit by exploiting the valuable study of Vedic astrology. By using this useful study, one can understand own qualities compared to his or her partner’s qualities. In most of the cases, the astrologer primarily begins with lifetime horoscope charts, which is then typically followed by the comparison between the charts of these two partners based on eastern astrological system. This is only understood by the careful investigation of these charts. Typically, when two people decide to spend their lives with each other, they are about to share the most intimated factors of their lives in order to form a more permanent relationship between each other.It is important to have both physical and psychological balance in life. There should be love and affection at one hand, and sexual attraction on the other. At the initial phase, when the two individuals come closer, there is a strong sense of ; infatuation which fades away somewhat eventually, but the basic essence of the relationship depends on the actually compatibility between these two partners The compatibility factors depend on a wide variety of elements including personality, desires, goals in life, emotional balance and so on. Only when the balance in these areas occurs, these two individuals have the same temperament to give the correct shape of their interpersonal relationship. Sometimes, some people think that they are able to change the undesired mannerisms of their partners. But this is wrong. Only with a proper analysis on Vedic astrological chart, it is possible to declare whether there is compatibility between these two individuals.rashi matchmaking is normal matching.