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Kalsarp Yog


Kalasarpa YOG
[1 The kalasarpa yoga is formed when all the planets are situated between rahu and ketu. Rahu is known as serpent’s head and ketu is its tail. The person who takes birth in this yoga suffers from various problems.12 TYPE YOG }
Kalasarpa yoga is an astrological condition influenced by rahu & ketu. This causes a chequered life, especially with regard to one’s career, marriage, progeny etc due to which one only achieves modest success after a great deal of struggle. However, this effect lasts for only 1/3rd of the lifespan of an individual and thereafter its influence gradually decreases. Kalasarpa dosha is a permanent condition and does not change with planetary transit. Worship of the consecrated kalasarpa yantra reduces the ill effects of the kalasarpa dosha. People having kalasarpa dosha shall perform pooja on naga panchmi and should establish an energised kalasarpa yantra in their house to protect themselves from the evil effect of this yoga. “Kala” means death. The person born under kalasarpa yoga passes through death like agonies throughout the life. This yoga effects a person till 42 years and some time throughout his life. People with kalasarpa yoga have their life full of miseries. It causes setbacks
All Kala Sarpa Dosha have been categorized into twelve categories.

1. Anant (अनन्त)
2. Kulik (कुलिक)
3. Vasuki (वासुकि)
4. Shankhapal (शङ्खपाल)
5. Padma (पद्म)
6. Maha Padma (महापद्म)
7. Takshak (तक्षक)
8. Karkotak (कर्कोटक)
9. Shankhachoodh (शङ्खचूड़)
10. Ghatak (घातक)
11. Vishakt (विषाक्त)
12. Sheshnag (शेषनाग)
OM NAMAH SHIVAYA Mantra ka jap kare 125000 time in 5 month.
Shivji ke kaccha dudh chadawe. Somwar{Monday}