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Astrological Predications

Horary astrology is the most important branch of the three divisions of the
astrology science, the other two being Jataka (predictive astrology) and
Muhurtha (electional astrology). It takes as the basis for predicting future
events, the moment a query is put. The question must be seriously put if the
answer is earnestly desired and if correct results are to be obtained. Any
question posed light-heartedly or with mischievous intention should be dismissed
by the astrologer. Horary astrology is the art of perceiving the relation
between the thought as it arises in the mind and the pattern of the heavens at
the moment. This given a clue for forecasting an event. Hence horary astrology
is the most practical and useful branch of knowledge. The specific questions
such as the return of a man gone away form home; whether or not he will return;
illness; whether the patient will recover, nature of illness, diagnostic, etc;
leaving employment and seeking another job; disputes, etc, leaving employment
and seeking another job, disputes, litigation, etc, success and failure, theft
and loss of articles, litigation, etc, of the thief, whether the article is lost
completelj or recoverable and if latter how it could be recovered; children,
marriage, dreams, food, hunting, quarrels, incarceration, about ships on sea,
purchase and sale, planting of crops, etc. Gain of money. General outlook, time
of gain, thought reading, enquiry about woman, nature of intimacy with woman,
nature of weather and crop, etc. Question bearing on marriage and children are


I) From the first house is to be discovered one's happiness, longevity, age,
caste, health, disposition, nature, sorrow, appearance and complexion.

II) The second house rules pears precious stones and minerals and wealth,
apparel work pertaining to horses and roads

III) The third house rules sister brother, servants and those that perform
menial work.

IV) The fourth rules tracts of land, places where plants are thrashed, tracts
abounding in vegetation, special medicines. Treasure troves and troves and

V) The fifth house has ruler ship over pregnancy, issues, wanderings, spells and
incantations, arbitration, learning, intelligence, and discourses.

VI) The sixth house denotes fear from thieves, enemies, fighting, donkeys,
diabolical deeds, maternal; uncle, fear and obstruction, and servants.

VII) Form the seventh house should be read trade, transaction, disputes,
journeys and wife or husband.

VIII) The eighth house rules river crossing, wayside suffering, hills, trouble
from enemies, lost property, evil deeds, battles, diseases and clandestine

IX) The ninth house signifies tanks, wells. Lakes, water-reservoirs, deities,
places of workship, maths, vows (penance), pilgrimage and righteousness.

X) Events to be ascertained from the tenth house are Government, authority,
meritorious deeds, virtue, position, father, essential things, rainfall and
celestial phenomena.

XI) The eleventh house signifies elephant and horse-rides, clothes, the staple
food, gold daughter and gain of wealth.

XII) The 12th house rules renunciation enjoyment, disputes, charity, cultivation
and institutional expenditure.